Jewellery Care - Warranty

Jewellery Care

Jewelry must be handled gently and with care, so that they can be kept for as long as possible. Care and maintenance are essential to keep the peculiarities of metals, plating and stones unaltered.It is a good habit to remove them when: washing hands, bathing, sports, cleaning and when you go to sleep.
We recommend that you keep your jewelry in a small bag (tightly closed), for jewelry when not in use, in this way they are better protected against scratches, light and air blows. It is important to prevent contact with chemicals, acids, cosmetics, creams, hair sprays, cleansers and perfumes, sea water or water at high temperatures. For cleaning, use only appropriate products. All our silver jewels are rhodium-plated, in order to counteract the natural oxidation process as regards the jewels plated in 18Kt yellow gold or Rosé, they are galvanized with modern techniques, which generally maintain a long life.


All products are accompanied by a guarantee certificate which certifies the authenticity of the product purchased, with all its characteristics.
The warranty on our jewels has a duration of 24 months from the date of purchase only if proven by the relevant receipt / invoice / receipt which certifies, in addition to the date, that the item was purchased from an authorized BYSIMON dealer. This warranty only covers manufacturing, material or manufacturing defects excluding plating and enamelling. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from an accident, defects resulting from impacts, normal wear, tampering and / or interventions occurring outside the BYSIMON Service Center. Loss and theft are not covered by the warranty. Otherwise, for all damages covered by the warranty, BYSIMON will arrange for free repair of the item.