About Us

Silver 925 jewelry, bijoux, watches and accessories dedicated to Italy.

Each of our creations carries the history of a unique and enchanting land. Each line is a tribute to the beauty of the Italian land.

The AMO CAPRI brand is inspired by the island of Capri, according to many people the most beautiful island in the world. The main character of the collection is the lucky bell which is presented in a series of silver or gold-plated metal jewels, typical superstitious amulets decorated with crystals, enamels and corals and turquoise paste.

The island of Sicily lives in the creations of the I LOVE SICILY brand. The fragrance of citrus, breathtaking landscapes, dreamy sunsets, ribbons of decoration, typical carts and drums are represented by our jewelry collections in 925 silver, rhodium or gold plated or in metal.

Capri and Sicily are represented even through our beautiful watches.

Our collections’ purpose is to communicate the emotions experienced in those unique places.

The design and the handcrafted imprint of Made in Italy give birth to sophisticated and eccentric jewels, which gives the imprinting to the BYS brand, among its lines you can find AMO VENEZIA, Venezia is an Italian city full of history that attracts several tourists every year, and APULIA, in honor of Puglia and its history and traditions.

Have a good trip!